Gokyo Hats

Kids merino wool hats

Our childrens Gokyo hats are made from 100% Merino wool and they have been knitted with a double layer with seamless technology. Not only does this mean they sit on the head better and stay put but they are also super comfortable especially for tiny heads.

Our sizes go from Newborn hats to Approx 12yrs old, or a small adult head. The merino wool means that they are light as well as comfortable which is perfect for little ones who don’t like the feeling of hats on their heads, in addition the merino helps to keep them both warm and cool with its thermal properties.

They come in four bright, gorgeous colour combinations, Pink & Orange, Orange & Blue, Blue & Yellow and Yellow & Pink. The hats have an amount of stretch in them but please refer to our size guide for full details before buying.