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Lukla Kids baselayer – As Seen in Trail Magazine

Our Lukla Kids Baselayer our key product. It’s the first product we designed and we are seriously proud of it. I set up Amamaya Clothing with my husband as the market is limited for kids outdoor clothing. Its important to us to share our love of the great outdoors and love of adventure with her and she needs the gear to protect her as well as our gear protects us. We want more choice and are manufacturing to provide it.

After spending many years mountaineering, hiking and hillwalking we wouldn’t dream of leaving home without a baselayer on regardless of the season, particularly with our unpredictable british weather. We wanted to created something that was a little more special that the clothin. we could typically find.

Our Lukla kids baselayer is child specific.

We have designed our kids baselayer with extra length in the body so the garment is easily tucked in. Warm and comfortable kids are happier kids and in our experience happier kids will walk further. From our market research we know that kids want similar features to their parents, in particular thumb holes. Thumb holes are a feature of choice. We have added the thumb holes to make it easy to put clothing over the top. This adds to the overall comfort. Gloves, mid layers and coats are easier to put on with thumb holes to keep the tops in place.

We have raised the neck to allow a scarf or additional snood to be tucked in for extra warmth for walking, hiking, skiing, snowboarding or camping.

The Lukla kids baselayer is a baselayer for all seasons.

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Why Buy A Merino Wool Kids Baselayer Anyway, What are the Benefits?

A kids baselayer isn’t just a top. It performs a function. There are many kids baselayers on the market but not all of them are equal. A good quality baselayer is invaluable and will perform a number of functions.

  • They are designed to keep kids both warm and cool.

    This means that you should only need one top for a variety of weathers. They are a warm layer and a cool layer and help to regulate temperature.  As such they are particularly suitable for mountaineering and snowsports. What this means to you is a comfortable kid, and a comfortable kid will be abe to enjoy what they are doing for longer.

  • Merino Wool retains its warmth even when wet.

    Kids are far more likely to get wet when participating in outdoor pursuits. Merino wool far outperforms synthetic fibres and other fibres like cotton when it comes to retaining warmth when wet.

  • Merino wool is light

    This adds to their comfort when worn against the skin and makes them great to carry as an extra layer for a wild camp for those chilly evenings!

  • Merino Wool Kids Baselayers are Wicking

    This makes them particlary suited to sporting activities including all mountain and snowsports. The merino wool layer takes moisture away from the skin and helps retain warmth if outer clothing is damp too.

In summary the best way to keep kids outdoors for longer and enjoying what they do is to keep them warm and comfortable (and well fed!). A kids baselayer is invaluable and far outperforms other tops and fabrics. They are comfortable, light, wicking and warm and merino has various other properties  such as UV protection and antibacterial properties.

What should you consider when buying a kids baselayer?

Fabric – Merino Wool has long been established as the best fabric in terms of performance due to its many advantageous properties. You can also get synthetic fibers. Synthetic fabrics will often be cheaper but they often aren’t as warm or effective as merino wool.

Size – A kids baselayer should fit snugly against the skin. If its too big then it won’t work as well as a thermal layer and if its too small it may not be comfortable. Merino wool allows a little more stretch and give than some sythetic fibers and holds its shape well as its naturally elastic.

Additional Features – What else does the kids baselayer offer? Is it seamless, is there addditional length, thumb holes to keep the tops tucked in under additional layers, synthetic or wool, design & style. Most of these options will be down to personal choice but they are worth considering.

Safety – Merino wool is considered a safe fabric and is fire resistant naturally whereas some synthetic fibers can be the opposite. You should check labels when purchaseing your kids baselayer and decide whats best based on the actitivies you intend to use it for.

Price РPrice is always a factor. Its always worth getting the best you can afford to buy. A merino wool kids baselayer will usually be more expensive than synthetic kids baselayer.  A kids baselayer is more than just a fashion item, its a bit of kit which is there to protect your kids in the great outdoors. Its worth considering how much use you will get out of it and can it be handed down. Are you going skiing once or do you go more than once a year as well as additional outdoor activities such as walking, hiking & camping.

Our Kids Baselayer

We have answered as many questions in our design as we could to make it the best kids baselayer. We have mentioned the features at the top of this article and in addition we make our kids baselayers here in the UK and plan to continue supporting UK manufacturing wherever possible. Manufactring in the UK ensures quality. You can be assured that we are bringing you the very best product we can. You can get further information on our Kids Baselayer here in our SIZE GUIDE.

We welcome any feedback and would love to hear from you with any queries or comments, just head over to the CONTACT US page and drop us a line or head to our SHOP to buy your kids baselayer now!