Keep your kids protected this Autumn / Winter. This versatile children’s snood can be worn three ways keeping your children warm and protected while enjoying the outdoors. So you can worry less and play more.

This kids item can be worn as a Children’s Snood / children’s neck warmer, a turtle neck or a hat. Two colourways are available, this comes in Blue with Purple logos or Purple with blue logos. It is available in 2 sizes, small and large.

How to choose the correct size

Simply measure your childs head circumference and neck circumference. They should fit within the sizes below. There is a lot of stretch in the product and merino holds its shape well. 

  • Small – from 32cm neck – 42cm head circumference
  • Large – from 42cm neck – 58cm head circumference

How to wear your snood

A snood is a neck warmer. It can be worn in a number of ways. It is designed to keep a kids neck and face warm in cold weather but it can also be worn on the head as a hat. If you get too hot wearing it around your neck you can just slide it up onto your head.

This snood is made from merino wool

This snood is made from luxury merino wool. Merino wool is renowned for its temperature regulating properties. It also naturally retains its warmth when wet. This is important for a snood that you wear as a face warmer as breath will condense and make then product damp, this can easily become cold and uncomfortable. Merino will help to maintain the warmth making it great for activities such as skiing when kids can become cold quickly if their gear isn’t right. My Jiri Children’s Snood the perfect skiing accessory.

Snoods are far safer than scarves for outdoor pursuits

As well as retaining its warmth it is better and much safer than a scarf as it won’t come undone, it won’t get tangled up and cause an injury. It also won’t easily fall off and get lost saving you the hassle of buying yet another replacement.

Our children’s snood is seamless which adds to the comfort, its also reversible which makes it more versatile in the ways you can wear it. It looks great on and it feels soft and comfortable.

  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • 100% merino wool
  • Machine washable
  • Seamless
  • Made in the UK
  • Safer than a scarf
  • Comfortable
  • Unisex


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The sizing for our childrens base layer comes up large as standard, children vary greatly in size so we have allowed additional room to compensate. Please refer to our sizing chart for full sizing details for our children's base layer and contact us if you have any queries on sizing. Please Note the following information regarding our kids base layers. Our base layers are intentionally longer in the body and will fall below the hips. This is to allow for the product to be tucked in when worn as a base layer. It is also to provide extra warmth and comfort. This also makes the product perfect for taller kids. As this is a base layer the underarm length includes thumb holes. The measurement below is taken from the underarm to the knuckles of the hand where the sleeve sits. Please ensure this is the measurement you are taking when checking. As a base layer, our product has an amount of stretch and give. Merino wool is naturally elastic and holds its shape well. This product is unisex for both girls and boys.
Childrens base layer size guide
  Childrens base layer


  Kids heads vary considerably so these ages are approximate and for guidance only, please measure the circumference your child's head prior to ordering. You can call us on 07817 104595 if you have any queries at all or would like any help when selecting the correct size.   Available in three sizes: Small (Approx Newborn – 6/12 Months) Medium (6/12 months – 3yrs) Large (Approx 3+)  

Merino Wool Care Instructions & Golden Rules:

Our Merino wool care instructions for our Lukla Baselayer are as follows:
  • Machine wash on a delicate or wool wash cycle, no higher than 30 degrees.
  • Never tumble dry.
  • Don’t use fabric conditioner.
  • Don’t use bleach.

Extending your garments life:

  • Even better than a delicate or wool wash is to handwash your merino.
  • Make sure you either line dry or lay your garment flat after gently reshaping, do not wring dry. Merino is quick drying so should dry overnight in a warm room.
  • Merino doesn’t crease easily but if you do need to iron your garment then use a cool iron.
  • Use a mild, non-biological detergent where possible.
  • Be careful with zips/jewellery etc as wool can snag causing holes.
  • As a wool product, you should expect some pilling with time, you can reduce the amount of pilling by using the gentle wool/hand wash cycle on your machine.
  • If it’s cared for properly your garment shouldn’t show signs of shrinkage but items can shrink when exposed to high temperatures so never tumble dry or wash on a cycle higher than 30 degrees, the lower the better.

It is important that you follow our merino wool care instructions to extend the products life and to avoid damage.

Failure to follow the merino wool care instructions above may lead to your product shrinking. It is particularly important to wash your Lukla kids baselayer on a cool handwash cycle or delicate cycle as high temperatures can cause merino to shrink and felt. We are unable to exchange products that have been damaged due to incorrect washing. Please CONTACT US if you have any additional questions with regards to our merino wool care instructions.

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