About Our Products

We are proudly based in the West Country in Taunton, Somerset. Wherever possible we support UK Manufacturing and make our kids outdoor clothing right here in the UK. So why UK manufacturing?

Right now, British manufacturing is stronger than its been in a long time. We want to support UK manufacturing to make sure we help to protect it’s future. We are very proud to be able to contribute to its growth and we chose to do so for so many reasons.

UK Manufacturing is more sustainable and ethically sound. Supporting UK manufacturing makes sense as a small British brand. We order small runs of clothing so we can keep track of the quality. We can turnaround our collection quicker without long shipping delays and communication barriers. UK manufacturers take huge pride in their workmanship and we are able to meet frequently and forge good working relationships. All these factors ensure a high quality finished product for you, our customers.

When you buy from us, you are in turn helping to support British businesses and the local economy. By buying British you are directly contributing to the continued regrowth of the UK’s manufacturing industry as well as receiving gorgeous, quality, kids clothing from British designers. Join us and support UK Manufacturing.

And where is our collection made?

Our collection is designed in Taunton, Somerset, manufactured in the UK in Leicester. Our labels and swing tags come from Pembrokeshire in South West Wales. Currently the Merino wool itself is imported from Italy as there isn’t a Merino herd in the UK. We are looking into other UK wool options but Merino has long been established as a superior technical wool perfect for outdoor use. We will continue to look into all the available options and hope to bring a 100% UK product to the market for 2018.

In addition we have new product lines being sampled and manufactured in Manchester. More news to follow.

We use factories in the UK who use the latest in seamless knitting technology and we have taken the time to build relationships to ensure the quality of our kids clothing brand so you can be assured you are getting a top quality, UK product.


Support UK Manufacturing

Support UK Manufacturing